Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Open House Week 
(a special week...to introduce you to our Summer classroom!)


For my special visitors:   If you want to join our Wild Art Summer Class, please do!  
It is open all year and is packed with great inspiration, projects, and messy fun.  

Hugs and smiles!  
I am so happy you are here!  Seriously...so happy! 

I have been thinking about you.  

I often have you on my mind with the art projects I have been creating.  It doesn't matter if we have been friends for a long time or if we just met, I have had you in my thoughts and in my heart.  Anytime I get ready to jump in front of the camera, I whisper a deep-seated prayer for God's love to be with us all, nurturing our creativity, tending our art-hearts, and building our friendships.  Our art is always more that just painting.

And honestly, you my friend are the reason I love what I do.  I love creating art, but more than that, I love to see what art comes from your fingers and your heart. I get so excited in every class I teach...I can hardly wait to see what you will do these next few weeks!  Yes...

As I am completing and drying art projects and assembling my thoughts for our first week, I wanted to make sure you know your way around here before class starts.  It should be fairly simple.  There are headings across the top to give you quick answers and square buttons down the right side to keep you organized each week.  

No one should have to think too hard...it's summer!   

Each Saturday morning this classroom will be filled with new pictures, projects and stories.  All new content will be posted here, in this center space, for a full week.  Then each following week, you will be able to scroll down the page or click on that week's button -- located on the right-hand side of the classroom.  

I hope that is simple enough?   (I will repost this information the first day of class, and I welcome any questions you have, too.)

Now, about those treats...
yummy radishes~

(If you haven't taken "The Art of Wild Abandonment" you may not understand my obsession, I have a serious addiction for these little tasties.  They are the most perfect veges in the world for learning watercolors, and I use them often when teaching painting. Who does that?!  When I wondered what to serve for my first-ever-open-house, AnnMarie Merlino was quick to point out I really didn't have a choice...radishes!)
Wendy Burgess - Perth, Western Australia 
Seeing how I don't have a way to hand you your plate, lol, I will just share what I am serving!

I have been given delicious ideas from my sister, my personal food-extraordinaire~
                                           - Rhetta McIff

I do wish you were here, they are all really tasty... 

I also fixed you one of these for dessert.  Oh my, yummy~ 


This is what it looks like this morning...so quiet.
Would you like to have a look around?   

I live in a small town in the Manti LaSal mountains in the state of Utah.  It is quite rural, very seasonal (winter, spring, summer, and fall are all well represented), and it is surrounded by fields and farms, beautiful old pioneer homes and lots turkey, cattle, and sheep.  Deer and elk come around, and these mountains are known for their mountain lions and bears (I know, yikes!).  

a photo of my home from 1900
This is my home.  We live in an old house built in the late 1800's.  Isn't she sweet?  I love her character and charm and all the stories that her old walls hold.  Our home now looks quite different than this.  Modern porches were added and most of the extra woodwork and vines were lost decades ago, but she is still amazingly preserved.  

Looking out my kitchen window
My husband and I have raised four sons here and have been raised by them in the process. Two are in college, one is starting high school and the other is finishing elementary school. 
They are each my favorite.

In the front door this afternoon
You are welcome to come in and stay awhile...

Living in our little town has humbled me, I think I live with a softer heart.  I pray to be fueled with God's love and see with hungry eyes the beauty in everything.  Every place I have ever lived has been a gift, this place is a gift as well.  

Do you feel that about where you are right now?    

It is also here that I learned to passionately step into God's daily adventures.  Or bike...  

And this is where, on one of those wild adventures, He led me right into the blessed barnyard and into the messy sheep...

Hello messy baby    xo
(But that is another story)


Would you like to climb up into my summer studio?  Come on up...  

I just moved everything out of my kitchen this spring.  Even though I have a large work space upstairs, I felt so much more creative and inspired in the thick of where the action was - the kitchen.  I think my family is grateful I finally got the last bit of paint off the countertops.  I couldn't help it, it was just too fun. 

Now I have to climb lots of stairs up, up, up into the attic...

I tell girls all the time to not feel limited by space or feeling like you have to have a studio-room to do real art. That is silly, it isn't the truth!  Find what works for you, regardless of what others do, and just begin!  

YOU are the most important part of your art space...your art can't be made without you!   

I pulled some elevated tables into this attic room so that I could stand or sit on a tall stool.  The windows let in a cool breeze (we have no air conditioning) and my view is right inside a tall cottonwood tree.  It is very peaceful.  I have been visited by many birds and by a wily racoon, they all know I live up here.  We are great neighbors.    

And for the girls that have taken classes with me in person, they know I love to tape things.  I find inspiration for projects and spread it all around my worktable.  I change my palettes so often there really is no way to keep an inspiration board. I just invested in large rolls of masking tape.  Whatever space is close and available, I rip it, I tape it...and I am ready to go.  My walls are quite full today, no wide angle shots please!    

Would you to sit out on my front porch?  

I have a little project for us to do...so grab your sketchbook and your happiest pencil (mechanical) 
and let's go outside...

about 10 minutes long

My sincere sketch.  Should we do watercolors or paint and collage?    

I simply adore you! 

I totally believe in you as an artist -- and I have every expectation that your creativity will sprout & grow like my hop vines.  I am believing that you will find yourself lost in something good and meaningful and nurturing during this summer's class. This will be good~

My hopes and prayers are for us all...See you in class!

With gesso & sunshine, 

Having a bit of radish looking ice cream...only it tastes more like cherry chocolate?